How To Increase ROI Of Your Website

ROI stands for Return On Investment than what you have invested. It is a comparison between how much you invested and the return on that investment. The ratio or percent of gain on invested money. The gain or profit after deducting all the expenses out of gain and divide it by investment, will give you ROI. Website is an investment for its business. It is good business sense to invest time and money into your website. But there should be a hike in sales or profit after investing in a website.

We always try to understand that how we can increase our business’s ROI, but it is more important to know about at what subject we should work to increase ROI. Beside this you should never over-invest in fancy applications, unnecessary animation or other on your site. You should only invest in design that deliver your business objectives or boost usability.

Here are some tactics you should consider to give a boost to ROI of your website

Landing page

When visitor click your ad, they expect to see a webpage highlighting product, information described in your ad. If they don’t find what’s promised as soon as they arrive, they’re more likely to leave your site without signing up for your service. Be sure that any promotions, offer, knowledge or information mentioned in your ad text are visible on your landing page.

Easy to navigate

You should evaluate throughout design, layout, and function. If people will not be able to navigate or operate your site easily, they would not like to stick around and make an offer.

Relevant keywords and text

The more keywords you would use to your audience would be more comfortable to understand your services or business. The bottom lines for any keyword is how much value it generates compared to its cost.

Add to SEO

The more clicks on SEO on your regarding link or URL will generate more traffic. There will be more Probability to come out of clients out of traffic. Thus increased offers or sales will increase ROI.

Article & content

You should regularly post, fresh and unique content for walking of new visitors. Tag and post more on social media sites to give your content maximum publicity. You should also keep blogging in your website.

Acquisition medium

It shows how people found your site either directly through your URL or through organic search engine traffic or from any another website, etc. It is good sign if people are linking your site. You can make extra efforts to make your site more popular or comes to know to more audience.

Bounce Rates

The percentage of new Visitors who leave your site without viewing more than one page is called bounce rate. The lower bounce rate is better. You should attract visitors to read more content for that you content should be helpful, need their exact need. High bounce rate can batter your search engine rankings, you should try to keep it low.
When you come to know about reasons of falling down your ROI than you should apply convenient remedy such as,

  • Keep your website simple
  • Use Analytic software
  • Have Social influence
  • Make your website faster
  • It should be informative
  • Be open towards feedbacks
  • Attentive to target audience