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Posted by Payal Patel

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A business website has an ultimate goal to generate sales & inquiries. Every page on your website has a different purpose for your business. A Landing page is a set of clearly defined goals.

Landing pages were designed to be the first page to see a visitor in order to show information, now it is used for digital marketing. A landing page provides the right information to visitors and inspire them to perform a certain action. Let’s see what are the elements which makes a perfect landing page: –

Attractive Headline

  • The headline should be relevant to the information you are providing
  • Visitors will likely to leave immediately, if they don’t understand the meaning
  • Be specific, clear and to the point for the information on the landing page

Usefully Sub-Headline

  • After the headlines, should concern at sub-headlines
  • You should describe here that subject what your audience expecting
  • It should interest your audience is likely to continue to read on

Communication to Audience

  • Write irresistible content that engages visitors
  • Make your content distinct, eye-catching, entertaining and educating
  • Focus on the topic that what are the benefits to the audience

Images and Videos

  • Put relevant and attractive images on the landing page
  • You may also add videos admiring your content
  • Athletic visual elements give it more impact. Both content and images should support each other

Strong Call-to-Action

  • Your intention should be to drive people into the conversation from your website
  • A strong call-to-action clearly shows users what to do after
  • Do not give multiple offers to visitors, which cause get them confused
  • Be specific and provide only one offer for a call-to-action


  • Some elements should be attractive visually
  • Make use of colors and shapes that will draw your audience’s attention
  • It makes outstanding your headlines, images and videos
  • Each element should be observable and independent


  • Trusted reviews make consumer trust of the business or organization and People only buy from those they know,like and trust
  • You may take advantage of testimonials and recommendations as well as third-party security certifications
  • It should be honest and should provide a sense of relief and creates a confidential environment
  • If you include a picture, full name, link to their website and the testimonial itself; will make feel truthfulness and honesty

No Out-going Links

  • Include minimum links as you can
  • Call-to-action link should be placed on the top right of the landing page
  • A landing page is not a regular web page. Links are ok with internal pages or to external sites
  • Too many links can distract the visitor from converting
  • Remove your navigation, footer and all links in your copy to further boost conversions

Keep the page simple

  • There should be simplicity of design, copy and structure
  • It should be short, sharp, punchy headlines, copy and imagery that support your call to action

These above ingredients are important to be taken care as well as the bellows: –

  • Should be optimized for Mobile User
  • Opening paragraphs that promise and assure
  • Stories that affirm the reasons behind the offer
  • Details that promote rapport and credibility
  • Proof that your product or service actually works
  • An offer they can’t refuse
  • A risk-free environment
  • Excellent image

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