6 Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2016

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An impressive and flawless web design is quite influential to attract visitors. There are so many web design trends; influencing the industry. You should renovate your website times to time according to trend before your mail box get start to fill of rubbish mails that brings suggestions to redesign your website. The design of your website, makes thriving your business ultimately. Web design draws your brilliance and skills make it visual to people. We can say that design is representative of your brand. Here are the 6 we design trends you should adopt this year to make your customer delight and satisfy.

Flat Designs

This design is being in used for a long time and going to be admired further. The most likable feature is that it is compatible with other trends as responsive web design, material design and it holds all the basics and essentials. Flat design will be in a new look and another form in coming time.


Animations put liveliness in images. The moving images convey many words and messages, rather than one. In the comparison from video, it uses lesser bandwidth. Animation makes visitor curious and eager to know and browse more your website.

Browsers support CSS3 that keep visitor engaged till loading of content and serve amazing glimpse. Moving elements generate provocative status in prospects’ intellect.

Appealing typography

Typography is not mere an art of creating letter, it makes alive your text content. Instead of this, it also strengthens other properties of your website.

Typography makes your brand distinct and insists on uniqueness of your website. It will be in trend for long time as it lifts up visual order of the web pages. Big and bold typefaces attract visitors as it ever co-ordinates with latest trend and fundamentals. It also assists to communicate the message with displaying it highly readable.

Vertical arrangement and Scrolling

Scrolling is being quite used by web designers as it shapes and fit all the content in specific criteria or in a single paradigm. The website having heap of user – generated content; use this trend as it speed up the page by and by it also makes UX advance.

Scrolling will command clicking as, visitor need satisfying and enjoyable mobile experience. It is more preferred, rather than clicking on links and to wait for their appearance. In near time mobile traffic will be equal or more than desktop traffic. Thus websites will be designed such as that the mobile users would be pleased of rapid running websites.


Narrative web design trend is incredible. In this trend web designer uses exciting question like “What is next?” or “Would you like to get this?” that makes user curious and inspire them to click on call to action or to wait for the next edition. User’s eagerness for knowing the answer of question, make them fan or follower of that website.

This trend is beneficial for stating story in content format and knowing about reader’s opinion whether they are satisfied or want to know more. Numerous website designing companies are using this trend to bring a rapid return on investment. There are so many trends to adopt but you should go with those which go with your brand.

Responsive design with slides and card style

Responsive web design is extremely favored by users. It can efficiently boost your web traffic as visitors can run through mobile devices from any place and at any time. Fully functional mobile friendly websites are quite simple to build in the comparison of other.

Now day’s card design is being appreciated for both website and app. It is clean and simple with lots of adaptability and it is proving as being a great tool for responsive websites.
The sliders are being replaced with full screen slides. Initially sliders used to move images within a frame, this time each slide refreshes the entire screen with unique content. There is new forward and backward user experience which will be enjoyed by people


Changing trends make us familiar with techniques getting popular for their performance as. Day by day technology brings new tools for designers and with adopting this you can serve a delightful service. This year the above web design trends are going to more popular and approved. Web design is the first part, which adapt and represent technology advancement and visitor’s behavior about any changes.

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